Your kitchen is one of the most used places in your apartment, whether it’s where you create your masterpieces or where you devour other’s masterpieces. It’s important to make sure every area of your kitchen or kitchenette are clean to avoid illness, but one of the most forgotten places to clean is your condenser coil. Odds are you have a condenser coil in your Secaucus apartment and yeah, you do use it.

While not in the most glamorous of places, your condenser coil is behind your fridge. It’s what sucks in the hot air and keeps your leftovers and neglected fruits and vegetables cool. Like most things, it will collect dust, pet hair, and random crumbs. If you don’t clean your condenser coil in your Secaucus apartment, you could be throwing away $5 – $10 extra dollars a month as your inefficient fridge needs to work harder to keep all your grub cool.

To keep that extra cash for more takeout, here are some simple tips to follow when cleaning and maintaining your condenser coil:

  1. Unplug your fridge or cut off the power from your breaker. (This process should only take you about 10-15 minutes and as long as you don’t open your fridge door, your food is fine.)
  2. Locate your condenser coil behind your fridge. It will look like a massive coil; however, it may not be as easy to find depending on your fridge model. Some will have a kick plate, grill, or even a panel that could be located at either the top or the bottom of the fridge. A quick Google search of your fridge model will help you.
  3. After you’ve found your coil, gently vacuum around it with a small hose attachment. You can even use a Swiffer, but keep in mind you may still need to use your vacuum to get up the tougher dust.

Once you’re done cleaning, just remember to put everything back the way it was and turn your fridge back on so you can enjoy a snack in your Secaucus apartment after your hard work.