Your lease is up when it’s up, of course. There’s little you can do about that. But how can the calendar help you find the right apartment for rent in New Jersey?

If you want the most options, look in summer. Kids are out of school, the world is full of new graduates, and the weather is good; this is when people like to move, and you’ll find the most apartments for rent in New Jersey from May-September. But since demand is strongest during this time, don’t count on time to think. You’ll need to act quickly to avoid losing your NJ apartment to another renter.

Winter (October-April) is your best bet for saving money. Turnover is low, and depending on the area supply often outstrips demand, so you’re likely to see better offers on the table. If you can, try to target areas with high vacancy rates and lots of new construction. If you fall in love with a NJ apartment but don’t like the price, try negotiating with your landlord or property manager based on what you see happening in the market—it can have surprising results.

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