Floating glass frames are an elegant and delicate way to display a variety of things at North Brunswick apartments. From photos to mementos and found objects to pieces of art, floating glass frames can serve a purpose for each. These simple frames can also be grouped together as part of a larger art installation in your space. Here are some thoughtful ways to use floating glass frames in your North Brunswick apartment.

Showcase Memories

Floating glass frames can be used like you would a shadow box – the only difference is all the elements have to be flat. If you have mementos like post cards or love letters, add them to a floating glass frame alone or with a photo for a beautiful reminder.

Highlight Your Craft

Do you have a hobby like quilting or pattern making? Use floating glass frames to highlight your best work around your workspace or home office. Selecting some of your favorite pieces and using several frames to arrange a wall of fame is easy!

Nature on Display

One way to create your own unique pieces of art with floating glass frames is to collect leaves, flowers, or other greenery to display. After you find a collection of items you want to frame, you’ll need to press them for 3 to 4 weeks to dry them out and make them flat enough for the frames. You’ll end up with elegant pieces that you might pay big bucks for at trendy home décor shops.

Creative Canvas

Think of your floating glass frame as a canvas and create a piece of art! Something as simple as colored paper cut into shapes can make for a fun piece of décor to add to your North Brunswick apartment. You could also use a collection of other’s art in one big frame to create your own collage of sorts.

Utilizing floating glass frames at North Brunswick apartments not only adds a chic vibe to décor, it’s fun! The only limit to what you can do lies in the thickness of your art.