Friendsgiving is quickly becoming just as popular as Thanksgiving itself; when you’re far from family, the friends you meet along the way do indeed become your second home away from home, so many of us partake in this tradition to celebrate these connections. If it’s just you and your partner (or a roommate) in your New Jersey apartment, making your way through all the leftovers following this celebration might be tough. So, how do you send your guests home with leftovers in a cute way? Here are some great ideas for sending your friends home with the season’s bounty so that not only do you preserve the leftovers but your second family is thankful for you even more than they already are!

  1. Download printable labels

One of the greatest things about the Internet these days is how easy it is to customize everything instantly and at our fingertips. You can either find some standard takeaway labels to print on your own or choose the phrasing. Depending on your guests’ senses of humor, you can get really punny and creative with these.

  1. Splurge on some containers

Anticipating lots of leftover pie? You can actually purchase containers that perfectly hold a piece of pie—from there, you can decorate the containers or simply sign them with a “Thanks for coming” note. For other dishes, you can pick up various sized containers that will hold any kind of leftover so you can mix dishes and customize each one.

  1. Don’t forget the bags!

Even from personal experience, you know that bringing leftovers home without a bag is a hassle and you’re always paranoid about spilling the contents all over your car. So don’t forget about sending your guests home with an actual take-out bag. If your containers are on the smaller side, all you’ll need are some paper brown lunchbags—you can either decorate them with stamps or markers or simply leave them plain. If your containers are on the bigger side or awkwardly sized, consider looking into order a few bags with handles to support larger take-aways. Your options are really up to you!

Entertaining at apartments in New Jersey doesn’t have to create a lot of waste. A little prep will allow you to send guests home with some goodies and make sure your home isn’t overrun!