Are you looking for ways to make your Elizabeth apartment feel a bit more adult but don’t quite have the ability to completely refurnish or redecorate? Here are just a few, small changes you can make to make it feel more sophisticated, cultured, experienced, or even just organized.

  1. Main focal piece

Buying a living room set of furniture can be expensive and can feel like an overwhelming commitment. Instead, focus on ONE piece and make it the room’s spotlight. Invest in a great couch or a stunning dining room table—from there, the tiny details like your throw blanket from college won’t seem so blinding.

  1. Add floral

This is a really simple and cheap fix. Head to your local craft store and pick out some of your favorite faux flowers. Pick up a sleek and elegant vase, and you immediately have a stunning centerpiece for your table. The great part is as soon as you get sick of your arrangement, you can rotate your flowers and keep them seasonally relevant.

  1. Ditch that coat rack

Instead of using a boring and dated coat rack for all your seasonal necessities, invest in a hallway coat/storage bench unit to bring character to your front/back door space. It’s not the eyesore that your boring and lean coat rack is, and a simple statement piece like this can make your Elizabeth apartment feel mature and orderly.

  1. Bring order with shelving and frames

Nothing says “with it” better than looking organized and orderly. Whether it’s adding bookshelves or installing wall shelving, this simple and easy home addition will make your apartment organized and treat blank wall space with character and then also leaves the fun part: decorating! Experiment with bold frames, themed candles, or even assort your family pictures along the shelves. Get personal or be artsy – once you have the backbone completed, the rest is up to you!

No need to go over-the-top to make your Elizabeth apartment more grown-up; just a few subtle changes can make your place age-appropriate and will convince everyone you’ve got it together.