As the summer season ends, you’re probably already thinking about the transition into fall. Refreshing cups of lemonade turn into hot chocolate. Tank tops turn into big, comfy sweaters. But just as you get to enjoy a seasonal transformation, apartments in New Jersey should be no different. Get ready to bring warm tones, delicate scents, and comforting textures into your world with these fabulous fall ideas for your living space.

Weavings and tapestries add a little texture

There are so many warm textures associated with autumn. One of the best ways to bring this into your home is to add some fall weavings and tapestry. Adding a woven rug or hanging a tapestry piece to a central location in your apartment not only acts as a great way to physically warm up your environment, but they are visually comforting with earth tones and the occasional pop of color.

Comfy blankets are key

You can’t have a comfortable space without some comfortable blankets. Place some colorful cable knit throws and fleece blankets to add layering depths to your lounge areas. Find orange and maroon tones to play up your fall theme.

Fall-scented candles warm up your space

Okay, so maybe you’re tired of pumpkin spice already, but fall-scented candles have a range of smells to fit every aromatic desire you would ever want. From baked apple pie to citrus and cedarwood, mulled cider to spiced orange and cinnamon, your candle game will be strong this season. Find the best places to put your candles in high traffic areas and at enough of a distance from each other to keep the scents from competing with one another. (Note: Make sure burning candles are placed away from flammable objects and are never left unattended.)

Fall scents beyond the candle

If fire isn’t your thing, don’t worry, scents can be pulled from a great many sources, including charcoal and rosemary soap and vanilla spice hand lotions, to fill your apartment in New Jersey with fall cheer. Make your guests think that there’s always something cooking in the kitchen with an easy stove top potpourri. Bringing a pot of water to a simmer, add favorite fall ingredients — such as orange peels, apple slices, cinnamon and vanilla — and let it sit on your stove for a few hours, checking it periodically. The mixed scents will make sitting in your living room feel like you jumped into a big pile of leaves while sipping on some cider.

Autumn decor brings the season inside

When looking for fall-themed decor, the best thing to start with is lighting. Find warm-toned or tinted bulbs to add richness to your apartment’s autumn palette. Framed fall prints can add some cute flair to your walls and bookshelves as can the neutral, metallic hues of copper accents on planters, frames and bookends. Wood furnishings and pieces also bring in the woodsy elegance of the season outside right into your living room. A natural element, wood features can bring a versatile, mountain-cabin feel that cozies you and your space.

Embracing the season doesn’t have to be hard at apartments in New Jersey when you’ve got the right tricks up your sweater sleeve.