Right after moving into rentals in North Jersey, one starts brainstorming ways to incorporate their own personality and start making the space feel like home. With that, you might be looking for some color inspiration and thinking about what hues make you feel energized, calm, or even focused. For some help, consider including ultra violet into your new space, as it’s not only the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018, but it has many tone variations, so you can pick the exact hue to match the mood you’re aspiring for.

  1. Royal treatment

Since purple is the official color of royalty, why not follow suit with a regal feel to your space? With a foundation of ultraviolet either on your walls or on a staple piece, like your comforter or area rug, add in some gold accents throughout your space to even out the bold color. You’ll start looking for a matching throne in no time.

  1. Flower power

If feminine is more your style, consider pulling out a shade of purple or two from a floral design throughout rentals in North Jersey. Doing this will not only natively integrate the hue in a subtle way, but it’ll feel like springtime all the time, no matter the time of year.

  1. Minimal is more

If the boldness of ultra violet has you hesitant, consider including the color in small doses. Pick up a few accent décor pieces with touches of purple in it so that the room still unifies without feeling overwhelmed with the color. This way your rental in North Jersey will feel coordinated without it feeling too planned out or themed.

  1. Soft and sweet

Ultra violet can be just as soft as it can be bold, so include the hue with light touches, like whimsical window shades or even a bed canopy cover for a fairy-like or dreamy feel. For an additional calming vibe, mix in some other pastel colors, like pinks and periwinkles, so the purple doesn’t completely take over or overwhelm your home space.

Who says rentals in North Jersey have to be boring? Spice it up and keep on trend with this fresh color.