Keeping your home tidy can be a challenge, especially during the busy holiday season. Even when you’re not traveling, gift shopping, cooking, prepping for the next party, or enjoying time with family, making sure your apartment is guest-ready is tricky and can be overwhelming. However, one way to battle the ever-oppressive task of tidying up during the holidays is using the 20/10 rule. The 20/10 rule can be used for all sorts of tasks, including tackling stuff at the office, but it is particularly useful when it comes to housekeeping.

The 20/10 rule outlines a time structure that can make any task seem less impossible or overwhelming. Apartments near Elizabeth, NJ, can get messy during the holiday season. With all the gift wrapping, décor, entertaining, and more staying on top of housework is the last thing on your list. When things pile up, it can get scary thinking about all the time you’ll need to clean. But if you use the 20/10 rule, you’ll be able to tackle things in productive chunks rather than all at once.

This helpful plan suggests that you focus on work for 20 minutes, then take a 10-minute break to do something more enjoyable whether that’s watching part of a heart-warming Hallmark holiday movie or just kicking back with a cup of tea. When you focus on getting down to serious business for 20 minutes knowing that you have a break ahead, you can get more accomplished and more efficiently. Don’t assume that you can only apply the 20/10 rule to short tasks. Even if what you have to accomplish will take several hours, using this focused rule can be beneficial. It’ll still take you several hours – but you’ll enjoy the process more and experience less stress!

When focusing on keeping apartments near Elizabeth, NJ, clean and tidy for the holidays, breaks in the process are important. They allow you to collect yourself and refocus on the task at hand. Don’t be overwhelmed by your own home this holiday. Use the 20/10 rule to get your chores done enjoyably!