Need extra storage at your Perth Amboy apartment? Look up! Adding temporary hooks and adhesive strips can create new storage that you can use and remove when your needs change. Several manufacturers make temporary hooks and adhesive strips that have been saving walls around the country for years – but here are some genius ways to use them for additional storage at your home.


Using temporary hooks is a great way to increase storage for kitchen accessories. Attach hooks directly to the wall to add great space for hanging pots and pans. Or, add them to existing cabinetry to provide convenient storage for pot holders and oven mitts. While you’re at it, add them to the inside of cabinet doors to increase storage opportunities for things that you don’t access daily. You could even attach a pair of hooks and hang a small basket on them to store extra sponges and cleaning supplies inside the cabinet under your sink.

Living Room

Obviously, using adhesive strips and temporary hooks can save the walls of your Perth Amboy apartment when you decorate. These convenient devices won’t limit you when it comes to creating a beautiful gallery of your favorite framed images all clustered together. You can safely attach and remove the frames at will until the arrangement is picture perfect. But you can also use temporary hooks to create storage space in your entryway for things like scarves and dog leashes.


What’s worse than all of your beautiful necklaces becoming a tangled mess when you’re not wearing them? Nothing. You can use temporary hooks to create a convenient storage option that also showcases your pieces! Better yet, you can use temporary hooks throughout the bedroom to put your best pieces on display, from necklaces to scarves to sunglasses – show it off! You can also take advantage of the space on the back of your bedroom door to create additional storage. With temporary hooks, you can hang hoodies, belts, or anything you like out of sight but within reach.

The possibilities are endless at your Perth Amboy apartment. Feel free to think outside the box without the commitment of a permanent solution. Create your own space without the worry of “fixing” anything after you’re done.