Cleaning your apartment rental near Keasbey, NJ doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, there are so many hacks and products out there that will make the process painless and easy. One of those products that tends to go overlooked is steel wool. A common misconception about this nifty gadget is that it’s solely meant for tough projects, but thankfully, there are tons of ways you can use steel wool for your apartment.

  1. Drain filter

If you shed a lot in your shower or if you need a quick kitchen sink strainer while yours is in the dishwasher, steel wool is a great solution to ensure nothing clogs your drain. Just place it snuggly in the drain, and you’ve got a quick and easy strainer.

  1. Enhance your scissors

After years of usage, you may find your scissors aren’t getting the job done like they may have used to. For a quick fix, simply cut a pad of steel wool with said pair of scissors, and you’ve immediately got a sharper set.

  1. Clean your kicks

Whether it’s your commuter slip-ons or your running sneakers, chances are your white soles are scuffed and probably not so white anymore. All you need to do is scrub the soles with a little warm water and a steel wool pad, and they’ll look like-new.

  1. Remove these marks

From floor scuff marks to wall distress, steel wool removes all sorts of wear and tear, making those lived-in areas look brand new at your apartment rental near Keasbey, NJ. Since you’re renting, you’ll want to ensure your place is like-new once it’s time to move out, so your landlord won’t deduct anything from your security deposit.

  1. Get crafty with your screws

Since you’re in an apartment rental near Keasbey, NJ, you’re probably conscientious with the holes that you put in your walls. If you’re trying to reuse holes but your screws are just a bit too small, you can wind a few strands of steel wool around your screw to help with tricky spaces without having to create new holes.

Who knew steel wool had so many uses?!