It seems that Lucite, a technical umbrella term for clear acrylic material, is everywhere – and it’s next stop could be your NJ apartment. From office accoutrement to organization systems and beyond, it’s a hot trend in the décor world for its various uses. Lucite offers the benefits of being clear to allow light to pass through it and offers the allure of glass construction without the danger of being shattered. Custom Lucite pieces can be quite costly, but because the material has caught on, there are a range of options for every budget. Here are some ways to incorporate Lucite into your décor, whether you have a ton of cash to drop on it or not.

Start Small

Small additions of Lucite into your décor may be the best place to start if you’re starting a redesign or are working on a tight budget. Look for items that have accents of the material to add to your décor or everyday items. Slowly incorporating Lucite into furniture is easy with budget-friendly items like an acrylic leg ottoman or a Lucite lamp.

Vintage Vibes

Lucite got its start in décor decades ago, and there are plenty of vintage pieces out in the marketplace. These pieces do tend to come with a higher price tag. Thankfully, there are lots of manufacturers using Lucite in vintage designs – so if you can’t find a true throwback piece, you might just find a new option with an homage to simpler times for your NJ apartment.

Design Overhaul

If you’re in for a total décor redesign featuring Lucite, be prepared to spend as much as you would when revamping a room. You’ll be looking for a number of accent pieces to add your love of Lucite to your space. Of course, as with any décor element, you don’t want to overdo it. Think about a color palette that will compliment your new love for Lucite. Staying simple and allowing the Lucite to do its impressive job is your best bet. Looking for a big statement piece? Consider a Lucite chandelier for your NJ apartment! Obviously, make sure you can switch out light fixtures before dropping your entire budget on one piece.