Say you’re trying to decorate a room with a piece of accent furniture, but unsure as to how to start? How do you arrange and decorate the rest of the room so that its presence doesn’t get muted? What’s the color scheme? Here’s a breakdown on how to use accent furniture in Elizabeth, NJ, apartments. No need to fret!

  1. Take baby steps.

Don’t jump in with two feet just yet—just dip your toe into the water. Start with a basic pattern or a bold color before you make it too extreme. It’s easier to go up than it is to tone down.

  1. Don’t forget about the supporting actors.

It can be really easy to place all your focus on the accent piece, but don’t forget to make sure your other pieces play an important role. Make sure they’re simple enough so as to not distract from your focal point, but also ensure that they’re strong enough to stand on their own.

  1. Think carefully and choose wisely.

Don’t overdo it on the patterns, as the aesthetic of the room will become busy and a bit of an eyesore. You want to make sure that it’s clear which piece of the room is the focal point, so stick to one pattern or one dynamic within each piece. Then, to ensure it remains that way, keep the rest of the colors soft and neutral. Mixing and matching with patterns is a tricky task, but it can be done—just make sure the scales of the patterns are varied so they’re not in direct competition with one another.

  1. Go with your instincts.

Hey, at the end of the day, this is your space, and it’s your home. You have to live with it every day, look at it when you wake up and when you hit the hay. Stick to what you like! Elizabeth, NJ, apartments are made to be personalized, so make yours your own!