Nightstands have been around since before indoor flushing toilets became commonplace. In fact, they were created to house your chamber pot. As modern technologies emerged, the nightstand came to have new functions such as supporting a table lamp, alarm clock, reading materials, eyeglasses, desktop intercom, a drink, medication or more. With the changing of functions, your “traditional” nightstand no longer needs to be a cabinet with a single drawer on top. Get creative in North Brunswick apartments with these nightstand ideas.

Craving an old-world vibe? Use an old trunk to place your night time necessities on and hide the rest of your goodies. Bonus, this option provides a ton of space so your closet can house your in-season items if you choose.

If you’re more the functional type, place two wooden chairs on either side of your bed. A chair is the perfect height when lying in bed however it is recommended that you mount bedside lamps on your walls as the chair bottoms are not always perfectly flat.

Upcycle stuff for North Brunswick apartments by using an old drum as your nightstand. This thrift store find is fun and cheeky. A barrel also makes a great nightstand. Juts make sure you know what was in it before you bring it in your apartment. A traditional woven basket propped on old magazines or books is also an environmentally sound choice. Or skip the basket and use that stack of encyclopedias you never open but don’t want to give away.

For those who want more compartments, a bar cart found at a discount furniture store or thrift shop is a great addition. Fill up the shelves and roll it into place. A componibili is a small unobtrusive piece of furniture that provides plenty of space for stashing stuff to avoid visual clutter. You can get one from Amazon.

Using a small desk is another way to have more drawers and make your furniture do double duty. If you absolutely have no room for more furniture, get creative and use your walls. Shelf nightstands are the perfect solutions for those in North Brunswick apartments that would rather have floor space. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to get creative.