Spicing up your apartment is as simple as rearranging your pictures! Find out ways to hang your frames that won’t remind you of a dorm room, but will make your memories come to life in Woodbridge apartments. With a few simple materials, your walls can be totally transformed in no time.

Turn an old picture frame into a real-life Instagram page with string, clips, and your favorite photos. Simply remove the back and glass of the picture frame so nothing is left but the frame. Attach string to the sides in a horizontal motion and use clips to hang your photos from the string. Take it a step further and create themed frames using photos from a special event like a graduation ceremony, wedding, or favorite vacation.

If you have left over string, create a geometric shape on your wall using decorated push pins. Attach the photos with left over clips or another variation of clip. This look is perfect for a room in need of a focal piece. For those with a natural outdoor feel to their Woodbridge apartment, hanging polaroid pictures from a fallen tree branch creates a nice rustic touch.

For the traveler, display travel photos pinned to locations on a map. This is a wonderful visual memento rather than keeping your memories in an album. You can also cut your pictures in the shape of the states or countries and attach them to a map on the wall. Be sure to make duplicates before cutting, just in case you want the original photo.

Clipboards are another fun and easy way to display your photos. Use matching colors for a uniform display or switch it up with multiple colors for a kaleidoscope presentation. Bonus, you can easily switch out your photos at a moment’s notice to make all your guests at Woodbridge apartments feel like home.