A Study at Texas A&M found that people who had plants in their home were more likely to be able to concentrate and less like to suffer from depression. This sounds wonderful, but what if you just don’t have a green thumb? Or, maybe you travel a lot for work and wouldn’t be there to water your plants? Or maybe there is just a lack of sunlight in your Hillsborough, NJ, apartment. Well, you can still get the happy benefits of having nature in your home without the labor intensive care for delicate flower. How? Succulents.

Succulent plants like Aloe Vera and Cacti store water and can survive in arid and dark environments. They help clean the air and create a relaxing atmosphere. They are ideal for the busy person who lives in an apartment and they can work for you with these 3 easy tips.

1. Only Water Once a Week

Not overwatering is key when it comes to these ornamental plants. Only spritzing them with water from a spray bottle once a week will help keep them thriving. And bonus – this makes them even easier for you to maintain!

2. A Little Sun

Succulents still need a little sun so try placing them in an east or west facing window. They don’t need as much as most plants but they will still thrive better if they get a few hours each day. If you don’t have any windows that get light, try purchasing a UV light from online. Bonus – UV lights can also help fight depression!

3. Well Draining Soil
Ensure that your plant has a gravel, sand, and soil mixture that drains easily, and that the planter has a hole in the bottom to also drain. If water sits on the roots it can create mold and disease.

Succulents are beautiful and easy to maintain. There are many to choose from to cacti and flowering to kinds like Aloe Vera that have healing properties. You can even make wreaths or terrariums with them and use them as elegant and trendy décor in your Hillsborough, NJ, apartment. Choose your favorite and bring a fresh and happy feel to your home.