Step away from the big box catalogue. Hide the car keys. Then read this.

Done? OK.

None of us avoid big box stores. They’re cheap, easy, and never more than 10 minutes away. But do you really want to rely on them to furnish your Perth Amboy apartment? Really? You’re an adult now. You have opinions, secrets, car payments. Maybe even a cat. Your Perth Amboy apartment shouldn’t look like a dorm room or your neighbor’s place. It should look like you.

How’s that done? Learn how to shop smart, organize artfully, and put the finishing touches on a room. Here are some tips:

Go vintage—but be patient.
Never pass up a chance to shop vintage—the juxtaposition of styles and periods is the quickest way to achieve a personal look. But don’t get overwhelmed: do an initial sweep for big pieces, then look for accessories to compliment them. Think twice about low prices, too; do you need that chair? Will you re-upholster it?

Organize for the camera.
When organizing, think about photographs. The camera likes order and symmetry, so on tables, for example, start with chunky books and stack 3-4 of declining width on top. Then place a rounded object on top like a bowl or sculpture.

Don’t sweat flower arrangements.
There’s no need to splurge on flowers. Buy bunches of a single variety—peonies, lilies, and roses never fail—trim the leaves below the waterlines, and place them in a narrow-necked vase. Spread them out a little, but don’t sweat it; natural is best!

With just a little patience and ingenuity your Perth Amboy apartment will be Pinterest ready!

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