Growing herbs at home doesn’t have to be resigned to big mansions with spacious kitchens. Even apartment rentals in Middlesex County, NJ are perfect places to cultivate your own herb garden by finding a sunny nook or cranny to let your plants thrive. Not only will you make your kitchen, and possibly entire apartment smell amazingly fresh, you’ll save a few dollars when it comes to your next grocery bill when you opt to grow at home. It also allows you to go green – both visually and environmentally. But how and where will you plant your herb roots at your New Jersey apartment?

There are lots of great space-saving ways to grow your own herbs at home. As long as you have a spot that gets sun, you can get to growing about anything you like! From hanging to windowsills to rolling carts and more, you can make it work in any space you have to spare at an apartment rental in Middlesex County, NJ! Here are some of the most unique ways to set up your indoor herb garden.

IKEA is your friend. IKEA has great options for unique ways to grow your own herbs indoors. Their RÅSKOG cart has been praised all over the place for its versatility and it can also be used to house a rolling herb garden! You can group your pots on its shelves and easily chase the sun, so your little plant babies get as much light as possible. Another option is to use the retailers FINTORP system that allows you to hang little buckets from a bar on the wall. Not only does it save counter or window space, but it provides a gorgeous accent to wherever you hang it! Beyond these two product lines, IKEA has a ton of other options that you can convert into your own herb garden. Think outside the planter!

Get creative. Even without IKEA’s incredible range of product lines, you can get creative with your herb garden set up. Got a couple Command hooks? Use them to hang little pots from a small part of the wall near the window. Use curtain rods to hang potted herbs instead of fabric across your window. The sky is the limit when it comes to making your space work for your plants’ needs.

Apartment rentals in Middlesex County, NJ are ideal spots to try your hand at indoor herb growing. Worst case, you’re out a few bucks on materials that you could easily repurpose for something else! Happy growing!