It’s not hard to know when Halloween is coming. Decorations hit the shelves, candy corn is flowing, and every store plays their own mix of spooky favorites. Go all out this year and throw a Halloween party to remember at your apartment in New Jersey with these fun tips!

Go full force!

Halloween is not for the light-hearted. Though decorations don’t have to be heart-stoppingly scary, they should be plentiful. For this holiday, you can’t overdo it. Pull out your orange and black table cloths, your faux spider webs for the bushes, and your witches feet for your front door. Open windows or turn the cool air up for a chillier feel. On a tight budget? There’s no need to buy every expensive decoration in sight. From DIY designs to inexpensive party packages online, Halloween can be just as wallet-friendly as it is eerie.

Costumes, costumes, costumes

You can’t have a Halloween party without the dress-up. You can make it a one-theme party (such as literary characters or Haunted Disney) or leave it to your guests’ imagination. For added fun, designate a couple of your best unbiased friends to judge a costume contest at the end of the night. Other party games for prizes can include bobbing for apples, Halloween piñata, and pin-the-face-on-the-pumpkin.

Food and drinks a plenty

Halloween is at the heart of the fall season, which is closely linked to tasty, soul-warming food. You also can’t have a party without some noshes. Your dining options range from full catering to potluck to snack tables set around your party space. No matter what you choose, however, don’t forget the candy!

Music makes the moment

Make the walls of your apartment in New Jersey shake (without bothering your neighbors) with a killer Halloween playlist of spooky music and fearful tunes. Get your “Monster Mash” on with a premade list that you created or search your favorite music app for specialty, holiday playlists.

Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble your best Halloween party yet with these excellent tips that will slay your party guests and leave them asking for more. With all your party success, your biggest problem will be figuring out how to top it next year at your apartment in New Jersey.