The bedroom should be the most relaxing place in your apartment. While all Avenel apartments can be true oases, the bedroom is the space where you need to truly let go of the stress of the day. From cleanliness and organization to adding spa-like elements to your bedroom, here are a few ways you can make your space more relaxing and inviting.

Calming Colors

Loud colors and busy patterns aren’t really synonymous with a relaxing atmosphere. Keeping to a calming color palette is the first step in creating a relaxing bedroom. Light blues, grays, and creams on the walls and in furniture will aid in creating a soothing space.

Soft and Comfortable

Having a comfortable bed is a crucial piece of any bedroom. Whether you like your bed as hard as a rock or a soft as a fluffy cloud, making sure it fits you is key. Even if you prefer a stiffer bed, you can accessorize it with ultra-soft pillows, blankets, and throws. A set of luxury sheets and an elegant duvet cover can make your bed feel like a fancy hotel. Pick up some new pillows to finish off the revamp while you’re at it!


Harsh lighting at any Avenel apartment can be an immediate mood killer. Bright fluorescents don’t belong in the bedroom. Use lower watt bulbs, or trendy Edison bulbs, to give your bedroom a soft, relaxing glow. In addition to specific bulbs, seek out frosted or well shaded lamps and light fixtures that will soften the light even more.

Spa Scents

Why are spas so soothing? Possibly because of how they smell. Not only are they clean, but there’s always that similar scent in the air when you walk through the door. Avenel apartments can take advantage of that familiar spa smell through using essential oil diffusers. Because of their recent popularity, oil diffusers are an inexpensive way to make your bedroom a spa-like haven. Add some water and a few drops of lavender and lemon and you’ll be drifting to ultimate relaxation in no time.