There are few things kids look forward to more than the county fair in Middlesex, NJ. The smell of sweets and fried foods permeated the air along with an incredible sense of excitement. The community came together while wild carnival rides lit up the warm summer evenings for a short but wonderful week. My family would pick at least two nights to wander about the fairgrounds enjoying performances and the animals on show, and daring each other to try new foods while running to the booths that sold our old favorites. The fair is a wonderful place for family bonding, and your family shouldn’t miss out on that!

For 78 years the Middlesex County Fair in New Jersey has been a local family tradition and this year it should be one for yours. The 2016 fair includes 28 different events, vendors offering gyros to cheesecake on a stick, and various exhibits including a home arts exhibit and an exhibit from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension. There will also be a Middlesex County Fair King and Queen competition, a home arts competition, and a 4-H competition. As always there will be a wide array of exhilarating rides that will make you nostalgic for your younger days and help you bond with your kids while they still have that youthful magic about them.

Plan your trip to the Middlesex County Fair, which runs August 1st-August 7th, for a night of family bonding and nostalgia that will have you coming back every year!