While everyone has some clutter, nobody likes the look of bulky storage. Not only does it take up extra space, but there is almost no way to disguise a clear plastic bin sitting on your countertop. Instead, storage and organization at Avenel apartments should be as stylish as you are, blending into the decor of your home. Don’t shove your mess under the bed every time a guest comes over and invest in some storage items to make your space feel new again.

For Clothes and Shoes

When left unchecked, one of the biggest sources of clutter and mayhem is clothing in every inch of your apartment. (Shoes are a close second.) A cute way to display your favorite clothes and keep them off the ground is by using a decorative clothing rack, such as this wooden one with a basket shelf on the bottom. For functionality, try bench seat storage like this one that provides space for your best-loved shoes and baskets for seasonally essentials, such as scarves, hats, and gloves. If you need a bit more space for your shoes, invest in a large storage unit with multiple cubby holes. At the end of the day, you always need to have a place to put your laundry that’s not the floor or a nearby chair. Make a decorative laundry basket or laundry tote work for you by adding a touch of personality and accent to the corner of your room.

For Books and Papers

Next up in the most heinous of clutter culprits is random, unfiled paperwork that lingers on your surfaces. When you think of sleek design, filing cabinets don’t generally come to mind, but there are quite a few sharp options that will work for your designated office space. Try this teal filing cabinet with wheels or this rolling multi-drawer cart that is perfect for papers as well as art and office supplies. And don’t forget to show your books some love and look into decorative bookshelves, such as this library cabinet to neatly display books, electronics, and trinkets.

For Blankets and Toys

There are many nights where you will just want to curl up with a good book and an even better blanket in your Avenel apartment. Leaving them all around your living space, however, isn’t the tidiest look. Try decorative containers like this oversized, woven basket or this small, handled basket for discreet clean up. Want to save on even more space? Invest in storage furniture, such as this ottoman bench, for a sleek look to your room and more space to store the things you love.

For Miscellaneous

Need a little extra space around your apartment, especially in your bathroom? Find a sturdy shelving unit, such as these metal storage shelves, to place extra towels, lotions, and general items to spruce up your space. If more drawer space is what you’re looking for, try a multi-drawer storage chest with a versatile look to blend into any bathroom or bedroom decor. Or if you just need stylish boxes to replace your plastic ones, find storage boxes with adaptable designs like these nesting boxes that can easily sit off to the side as extra decoration in your office or living room.

Organization at Avenel apartments doesn’t have to be bulky or complicated to be effective for your home. With these storage upgrades and many more, you’ll be on your way to turning a cluttered apartment into the home of your dreams.