Decorating an apartment can be challenging on the best of days. You usually have limited space, and property management definitely puts crimp in your style. Walls usually have to stay plain white or beige, which adds a level of difficulty. But there are ways to add your sense of style to your apartment in NJ or any rental.

One of the fastest ways to add your style is with fabric: curtains, tapestries, accent rugs, throw blankets – all are easy ways to add stylish decoration to your apartment. Drapes can even function like wallpaper. Who says there have to be windows hidden behind them? If you can’t find drapes you like, there are lots of easy ways to make them yourself, even without sewing. If curtains aren’t your thing, then roman shades (DIY version) or tie-up shades (also something you don’t have to sew) are options.

If you can’t paint the walls in your apartment in NJ or elsewhere, you can paint your furniture. Who says a splash of color has to be on the walls? Painting furniture, like a bookcase or an end table, can be a great way to upcycle a thrift store find or give new life to an old piece.

Another trick is to use some old-fashioned smoke and mirrors to make your apartment look bigger. Well, just the mirrors anyway. They reflect light and create the illusion of having a larger space. Hang them strategically throughout your apartment to make your home look larger.

Repurposing is another big key for stylishly decorating your apartment in NJ. Save your wine bottles and repurpose them. Wine bottles can become vases, drinking glasses, lamps, even a chandelier. The customization ideas abound – go search Pinterest just to get a ton of ideas.

If you’re looking for a clever, unique way to display your photographs, may I introduce you to the Instagram wall concept? Bring your best social media photos into real life. You can paint the little frames how you’d like to suit your style.

These are just some of the endless ideas of how to decorate any apartment, big or small. Your options are only limited by your imagination and budget.