Books are a vital part of any home, the difference between a life of the mind and a life of, well . . . reality TV?

But all books aren’t created equal. Your copies of Anna Karenina and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are where they belong; close to the bed or desk, ready to be mined for wisdom. How about that 1972 World Book Encyclopedia, though?

Ever thought it could make your rental apartment in Carteret, NJ more beautiful?

Consider removing its pages and papering a wall with them. This is a perfect solution for apartment-dwellers; not only is it unorthodox and surprising, it’s removable! And if you’re feeling adventurous, mix in some old sheet music. You may not play the clarinet anymore, but that copy of “Hot Cross Buns” will brighten the room.

Want a more concentrated approach? Search old art/design books for images or diagrams. Keep an open mind; even ancient toaster assembly instructions can look cool in a frame.

Books can be used for everything from mobiles and decoupage to creating unique headboards. Click here for more studious décor for your Carteret, NJ apartment rental!


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