There’s already been a blizzard this winter, and this week’s weather has been almost as stressful—one day is sub-zero and dry, the next is warm, wet, and windy.

It’s tempting to hole up in your Willingboro apartment until spring, isn’t it?

Though we recommend going to work and visiting friends when possible, here are some tips on time well spent in your Willingboro apartment.

Read. Winter is the time to expand your mind, so grab a book off the pile, fire up your Kindle, or read a book from the local library.

Watch. Escape reality by watching a funny movie or learn something new by tuning into a documentary.

Bake. Don’t bother going out for ingredients—whip up something yummy with what’s in your cupboard. Then eat it during your movie marathon!

Play. If you can get friends to stop by, have a Monopoly or Cards Against Humanity tournament.

Get Silly. Play some music and channel your inner Rihanna or Robert Plant.

Sleep. How often do you wish for an extra hour of sleep? Take advantage of this frigid weather by cuddling up with your favorite blanket and getting some extra sleep.

There’s plenty to do outside your Willingboro apartment, too, so stay tuned to Best Rent NJ for more fun tips!