Ah, spring is finally here! Bring a little color inside your Woodbridge, NJ, rental with these artfully arranged flower bouquets. They take only minutes to make.

To begin, you’ll need flowers, greenery, scissors, and a vase. Most grocery stores have flowers you can buy separate or bundled. While bundled is more economical, make sure you have more than one vase to put the remaining flowers in. You can also go to a farmers market to buy individual flowers. You don’t need to use a vase to house your flowers; an old teapot, milk glass and even old trophies make wonderful accent pieces for the bouquet in your Woodbridge, NJ, rental.

When choosing your flowers, stick to a similar color palette. Whites with peaches, fuchsias, yellows and greens work very well together. Buy one extra flower of each if you aren’t buying in bulk. This will ensure you have an extra just in case.

Make sure you cut off all leaves of both flowers and greenery below the water line of the vase to avoid the creation of bacteria in the water. This way your flower arrangement will last longer in your Woodbridge, NJ, rental.

Why do you need greenery, you ask? When making arrangements, florists use a tape grid to help keep individual pieces in the places they want them to. You can use greenery the same way. If you start with the greenery coming in at an angle from the sides, you’ll have a natural, organic grid you can play with. Don’t use all your greens at once! You’ll need some to fill in any open areas later.

After your base is created, start with a couple of bigger flowers which will be the visual focal point of your arrangement. Add in your accent colored flowers keeping in mind to add one towards the front and center and top off with more greenery to fill in the gaps. Take into account some flowers will grow quicker than others like tulips, sunflowers and marigolds so you’ll need to cut them shorter.

Once you’re finished, step back and admire the beautiful arrangement you’ve created to brigthen your Woodbridge, NJ, rental.