First things first – what exactly is a crafternoon? A crafternoon is a fabulously low-key party with your best friends. Pick out a couple of DIY crafts that everyone wants to do, buy the supplies ahead of time and then sit around enjoying each other’s company and creating things! Have one guest bring chocolate and fruit to snack on, and another friend bring champagne for mimosas, and you’ll turn out with the best afternoon, ever!

The best way to spruce up rental apartments in Secaucus NJ with a crafternoon party is to choose a couple of home décor DIYs that can be completed in one afternoon. Here are some ideas:

  • Entryway Sign

First, you’ll need to pick a saying, whether it’s your family rules or simply, “Home Sweet Home.” Then choose a board large enough to fit this saying. Just a little sand paper, some paint, and a stencil and you’ll have a lovely edition to the entryway of any apartment in Secaucus, NJ!

  • Step Stools

Apartments in Secaucus, NJ can have hard-to-reach spaces. Stop straining! Purchase simple wood stepstools from IKEA, and then paint them in bright, exciting, and trendy colors! Finish off with a protecting spray and you’ll have a super fun and functional new piece for your home.

  • Wreaths

This is the perfect time of year to get a head start on fall and holiday wreaths! Whether you choose fall oranges and yellows, or holiday green and red, you can make your own custom wreaths using silk flowers, hot glue, and an endless supply of craft decorations.

Remember to wear your most comfy leggings, and have everyone help pick up before they leave! Keeping it low-key and tidy will not only help everyone feel more comfortable, but keep this party from doing the opposite of sprucing up apartment rentals in Secaucus, NJ.