Spring is upon us and you know what that means. Dust out the spider webs, shake out the rugs, and remove the stuffy smell of winter and let in the sweet smell of spring. Thoroughly cleaning your rental is a must. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start though, so here are some great tips on how to get your place spotless this spring.

Open Those Windows
Nothing rids a home of that stuffy, cabin fever smell like letting in fresh air. On a warm day, turn off your thermostat and open all the windows to let in fresh air. Turn on a fan to get the air moving too. Stagnate air is of lower quality and can actually be bad for you, so ventilating the house can literally make you and your family feel better!

During the spring we all have enough allergy problems without dealing with built up dust in our own homes. During the winter we can become busy and distracted and forget about this little chore so pick up your dust rag and clear all furniture, shelving, knick knacks, and even your fan. To dust a fan, use an old pillow case to keep the dust from escaping and coving the room!

Vacuum Everywhere
Pull out the furniture, pull up the rugs, and put that vacuum to work! Using a vacuum is the best way to get up small particles you would miss with the broom, and vacuums can pick up dust and the little things caught in corners and hard to reach spots. Also, use the vacuum extension with a brush on the end to clean your baseboards.

The best germ killer you could ask for, Hydrogen Peroxide was actually found to kill 99.9% of germs, where as the leading cleaners couldn’t even attempt to match up despite their claims. Use Hydrogen Peroxide around and on your toilets, anywhere you might find mold, disposal, dishwasher, your kitchen counter tops and table and then go ahead and clean the sponge with a thorough soaking of H2O2 to get a thorough clean.

Instead of using a traditional mop, try something like a steam mop or Norwex mop to thoroughly disinfect and clean your floors. Traditional mops can store bacteria and mold, and continuing to use the same basin of water can actually prevent your floors from getting completely clean.

Whether it is self-cleaning or you have to do it manually, make sure your oven is cleaned and disinfected. Also remember to clean under the oven where dust and even food can gather.

Your East Rutherford rental space will feel clean and welcoming after this once-over, and you will feel better too. Happy Spring Cleaning!