A favorite pastime for many individuals is people watching. It’s enjoyable to watch other people meander through the park or go about their busy lives shopping in the mall. During the spring, a new pastime emerges with bird watching. As birds migrate home from their winter stays back to apartments in Florham Park, NJ, the scenery suddenly gets livelier outdoors.

For bird enthusiasts, Parvin State Park is a mecca of bird species. Located along the edge of the Pine Barrens, this protected area is home to an array of habitats including those for gnatcatchers, barred owls, Louisiana waterthrush and plenty of warblers to name a few bird types. Just a two-hour drive from apartments in Florham Park, its shaded pine forests, swamp hardwood forest and rippling waters of Pravi Lake, Muddy Run and Thundergust Lake are worth the drive even if you aren’t a birdwatcher.

If you’re looking to spot birds somewhere closer, try along the Meadowlands, which is a half hours drive from apartments in Florham Park. This area features 32 square miles that includes the Hackensack River watershed. You can walk developed trails, paddle along the waterways or visit the staffed nature centers. And if you pay close attention to the New York skyline, you’ll see shorebirds or raptors flying across.

Travelling isn’t necessary to birdwatch – you can do so from the comfort of apartments in Florham Park. Just grab a pair of binoculars and watch the skies.