You love your personal trainer.  He’s a nice guy.  He doesn’t yell. You even went to his wedding.

But let’s be honest—do you love the treadmill? How much fun is the elliptical machine?  Your entertainment is limited to the TV in the corner and your only competition is yourself. Where do you go to play hard and test your skills against others?

Check out this list of sports opportunities near your apartment in Lawrenceville, NJ. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a lifelong devotee, there’s lots to do here.

Lawrenceville Township Recreation
Lawrenceville’s recreation programs focus on youth sports—including basketball, indoor field hockey, swim instruction, and wrestling—but there’s adult volleyball, and the town pool is open throughout the summer. Click through for more details.

Plainsboro Coed Softball League
Plainsboro Coed Softball League has been an area fixture for a long time, and the summer season is well underway. But don’t worry—they play throughout the fall! So oil up that glove, take some practice swings, and click through to join.

Mercer County Men’s Soccer League
Yeah, these guys play soccer. Yeah, they go hard. But like you, they’re over 30—or 40, so there’s a fair playing field and everybody has fun. Team fees break down to about $7 per player per game, and fall leagues are getting together now, so check it out!

Major Indoor Football League
It’s fast, furious, demanding, and unique—it’s indoor football, and it’s right around the corner from your apartment in Lawrenceville.

Excited? We thought so. Get to stretching, running, and picture victory when you close your eyes. We’ll keep you updated on sports near your apartment in Lawrenceville!