Now that the flowers are blooming and the color is coming back to our surroundings and it can really make your apartment feel dull and in need of refreshing! Bring some pops of color to your apartment with these fun and easy tips:

1. An Indoor Garden
Whether it’s a rainbow of easy to maintain succulents or an indoor produce garden, plants will
bring refreshing colors to your apartment. For extra fun colors, use bright and whimsical pots to house your plants and stained glass watering globes to keep the soil moist.

2. Throw Pillows
Throw pillows are an easy and comfortable way to add color to your home. Choose
bright neon colors for an trendy look, or light pinks and blues to bring the Pantone colors of the year into your home. If you already feel like you have too many throw pillows (is that possible?) you can get pillow covers instead and switch them out every season or holiday to keep things festive and fresh.

3. Lamp Shades
Many people don’t think about the beige or grey lampshade that comes stock with their lamp as an opportunity to brighten up their space but it really is one of the easiest things you can do. Trade out that dull colored shade for bright and fun colors that compliment your space, or do a
DIY project and decorate or paint the lampshade you already own!

4. Curtains
Curtains are easy to switch out and if you can’t find the exact color or design you’re after, you can make your own with a carefully measured piece of cloth and two simple seams. This also gives you the opportunity to match them to your throw pillows and lamp shades, or create your own whimsical style.

5. Rugs
Rugs are a simple, purchase and place, item that can change an entire room. A room with hard cold floors suddenly becomes bright and comfortable, and a plain empty room suddenly becomes a nursery. Fun and bright rugs are easy to find in every style you can imagine and can complement the color scheme or theme of any room.

A few simple purchases or DIY weekend projects can change the entire feel of your apartment. Try some of these easy and fun tips to make your home a cheerful and lively place to come back to each day.