With all the stresses in our every day lives, it’s sometimes difficult to remember to take care of ourselves. Finding time to treat ourselves to relaxing “me time” can often be just as difficult, especially if living on a strict budget is a priority. Visiting a spa can be expensive and time-consuming, so consider a spa night in your own home instead. Luckily, everything you’ll need will be easy to pick up around your rental near Avenel, NJ so curate your favorite relaxing songs, pull out your lavender candles, and get ready for a relaxing night ahead.

  1. Raid your kitchen

Chances are, you already have some of the ingredients you need for your DIY spa night. Eggs, mayonnaise, and honey are great for concocting a hair mask to alleviate dry and damaged tresses, and if you have cocoa powder, yogurt, and bananas, you have the majority of the ingredients for a great (and tasty) face mask! If you have tired and puffy eyes that are begging for a break, cut up a cucumber into slices. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties that will help alleviate the puffiness.

  1. Hydrate like royalty

We all know how good it is to drink plenty of water, but consider mixing it up with plenty of lemon and mint, not just for the refreshing taste, but for the benefits it provides for your skin’s own hydration. You’ll never go back to regular water again!

  1. Throw a mani/pedi party

Nothing brings the girls together like a mani/pedi, right? Invite everyone over to your rental near Avenel, NJ and swap favorite nail polishes and cuticle creams—you may just find a new favorite. Pull out your foot soaker and a bottle of wine (or two!), and let the night begin!

  1. Finish the evening with a soak

Bath bombs are all the rage these days. Whether you bought them or made them yourself, you can have a relaxing bath, filled with your favorite aromas, sure to de-stress your mind, body, and soul. Exfoliate, shave, or simply soak—whatever you enjoy best, make sure you take advantage of every peaceful moment!

Throwing a spa night at your rental near Avenel, NJ has its benefits – you’re already in a relaxing space and you don’t have to break your zen to drive home! Treat yo’self!