If you have a small living space, it can be challenging to decorate for maximum style and efficiency. Here are a few interior-decorating tips to make the most of your Monroe NJ rentals.

One of the best style tricks for any small space is to incorporate lots of mirrors, which will reflect the room and give the illusion of looking twice as big. The room will look especially spacious if you place mirrors across from windows or behind a chest or end table to make it look like a whole other space is behind it. Certain designs like stripes on the rugs or walls can also help elongate the look of any room.

Choosing multifunctional furniture is another great way to make the most of your small space. Pick ottomans or tables that double as storage and pull furniture away from the wall to give the illusion of roominess. Try to pick large statement couches instead of multiple small pieces to decrease the look of clutter.

Additionally, anything that draws the eye upward makes a room look bigger, so consider painting or wallpapering the ceiling or putting shelves as close to it as possible. When decorating the windows, opt for sheer drapes or choose a color that’s the same as the walls. An even better option is to leave the windows uncovered to create a sense of depth and open up your space with as much natural light as possible.

As you can see, there are many things you can do for maximum style and efficiency in Monroe, NJ rentals without breaking the bank.