Where you live should be a reflection of your personality no matter if you rent or own. Turn your Perth Amboy rental into the home you’ve always dreamed of with these simple tricks.

Use renter-friendly wallpaper to add designs and color to your walls. Prepare one wall to create an accent wall or do all of them for a seamless design that flows throughout your apartment. Add in pictures that speak to you and compliment the papering.

Apartment living usually comes with some oddly placed light switches and electrical outlets. Make the best of your situation by creating a gallery wall to mask the oddly placed light switch or electrical outlet. Hang baskets and small shelves for more storage to make the most of a small space.

If you’re feeling funky, use colored duct tape to turn a basic white fridges in apartments in Perth Amboy into flashy centerpieces. Use gold, red, or silver to really make it pop. Add magnets for even more decoration and let your personality shine through. If you like the sleek metallic look, use stainless steel contact paper to transform your outdated kitchen into a modern masterpiece.

Lighting fixtures can also be oddly placed and most likely outdated. Thankfully, this is one of the easier fixes for apartments in Perth Amboy. Simply swap out the light fixture for one that is more your style. Make sure to keep the old one and reattach it when you move.

Many older apartments in Perth Amboy have radiators; the most unattractive way to get heat. Radiator covers can be found online, just make sure you measure for a snug fit. Use washi tape to decorate the cover or even to create picture frames on your walls. Design a pattern with your favorite colored washi tab and use instead of wallpaper.

The final trick to turn you Perth Amboy apartment rental into a home is to simply add some plants. A fiddle leaf fig tree adds life and texture to any living room. Add small houseplants to help purify the air or grow your own herb garden for the freshest ingredients right inside your kitchen.