Fall is in the air and you know what that means? Halloween is sure to follow. Give your East Rutherford, NJ apartment rental a Halloween makeover with some of these quick and easy frighteningly fun decorations. Most you can even make yourself!

Whether or not you carve them, pumpkins are the best decoration for Halloween and they work for Thanksgiving, too. Not into having a real pumpkin in your apartment? Make it with tissue paper instead! Use orange tissue paper balls, then cut facial features and a stem from black construction paper to glue onto your “pumpkins.”

One of the easiest ways to turn your living room into a spooky space is by placing old white sheets over your furniture and adding fake cobwebs. You can even add black candles to complete the eerie vibe. As a bonus, you’ll cut back on the amount of dusting you’ll need to do.

Kick the spooky factor up a notch and string candles from your ceiling to create a hover effect. Harry Potter fans: Think the Great Hall meets your East Rutherford apartment. Instead of using real candles, use cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels, spray paint them white and affix battery operated tea lights to the tops.  Use fishing line and a paperclip to string from your ceiling and voila, you’ve got yourself a creepy yet ethereal room.

For most of the decorations, you’ll need to think along the color lines of either black or orange. While orange flowers don’t necessarily evoke a sense of spook, black flowers can provide the appropriate creep factor. Make your own using inexpensive crepe-paper streamers and following this tutorial. Make a bunch for a peculiar floral display in any room of your East Rutherford apartment.

Don’t forget to decorate your door! A nice black wreath is simple yet effective. You could also go all out by using caution tape, found at most party or novelty stores, to make your door a crime scene entrance. Not into crime scenes? Turn your East Rutherford apartment door into a spider’s lair using black garbage bags, scissors, a black Sharpie and some tape. Get instructions here.

The ways to decorate and celebrate are endless. But, with these fun and frightening tips you’ll be guaranteed to have a spook-tacular Halloween at your East Rutherford, NJ rental apartment.