veryone who rents an apartment in NJ eventually has the same thought: wouldn’t it be better to buy?

Not necessarily. It depends on your goals and personality.

If you’re looking to expand your family or if space is important to you, by all means start looking to buy a home. But if you’re a workaholic, on a budget, or devoted to leisure time, renting may be the best choice for you.

New Jersey has some of the nation’s worst property tax rates, but when you rent they’re taken care of. The landlord also pays for maintenance, and maybe even a portion of your utility bills.

Homeowners are at the mercy of a volatile housing market, and they’re forced to constantly pour equity into their investment. You may not want to paint that wall or replace the bathtub, but not doing so drives down the value of your home.

Like to fix things and work in the garden? Buy a home. But if you’re idea of a perfect Saturday is a museum, a movie, and trying a new restaurant, it might be good to keep renting an apartment in Belle Mead, NJ.

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