West Windsor is a beautiful and upscale township smack-dab in the middle of New Jersey. It sits a stones throw from the Princeton University Campus and a short drive to Edison and Trenton. The Placement of West Windsor is ideal if you are looking for that nice suburban feel while you work in New York City, Trenton, or Philadelphia. Its far enough from Princeton to not feel like you live in a college town but close enough for a short commute. If you find yourself traveling a lot you have an easy drive to all major airports.

If you like a little whimsy or history in your life, West Windsor was the setting for Orson Welles’ Martian Invasion in the famous 1938 radio broadcast- War of the Worlds. It is also the home to Nobel Prize winner John Forbes Nash Jr, Ethan Hawk, and several famous baseball players and tennis players.

The community is diverse and safe with a low crime rate and beautifully maintained parks and roads. There is public transportation available at the Princeton Junction Station to accommodate those who commute and travel on a regular basis. West Windsor really has all the amenities of a big city without being one which is a huge benefit, especially to renters.

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