One of the most exciting parts of moving into an apartment in New Jersey is decorating your very own space! (Well, maybe besides those solo dance parties!) It can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide how to personalize your new home, as with all these great suppliers out there to make it yours, it can be hard to narrow it down! One of the biggest trends in home décor is wall weaving. Even if this is brand new to you or if this is a hobby that you’ve been partaking in for years, here are some tips that might help you make your New Jersey apartment feel more like home.

  1. From floor rug to wall décor

If weaving is either the last thing on your list of activities to learn or if you’re in the beginning stages of learning, consider keeping it simple: find a floor rug that catches your eye and hang it on the wall instead with a sturdy dowel. If you’re feeling a bit inspired or adventurous, take your basic weaving knowledge and add in some fringe at the bottom of the rug for an added texture effect—AND a one-of-a-kind décor piece that will make all your visitors jealous!

  1. Loom your way to beauty

If you’d consider yourself a dabbler with your loom, try playing around with a few patterns that you’d like to see on your wall. Maybe consider using colors that fit in with your décor scheme, or maybe just start looming and let your fingers do the leading. Either way, if you’re a bit more advanced than the beginner, The House That Lars Built and A Pretty Fix or both great inspiring decorators that can help you get from Square One to Square Done.

  1. Perfect your wall

If you consider yourself a bit of an expert when it comes to wall weaving, one of the best ways to show off your talent is to combine different sorts of textures and shapes into your piece to bring the utmost dynamic to your creation. Other genius ways to show off your talent is to swap out the classic dowel with other pieces of anchors, like perhaps a strong and refurbished outdoor branch. The options only end at the far end of your imagination!

Decorating NJ apartments with the latest trends can be simple, even if you’re not crafty. A few quick hacks and you’ll be trendsetting with the best of them.