The end of the summer is coming, school is starting and things can get all around hectic! When you’re busy all week, AND busy on the weekends, your apartment rental in New Jersey can get crazy messy.  Here are some quick tips to curb that messiness.

  • Organize!

Organize, plan, schedule, and organize some more. Purchase cubbies and shoe racks and label one for each member of your house. Using coat hooks instead of hangers will ensure that the coats are actually hung instead of tossed in a pile. When everything has a place, there’s no reason for it to stray!

  • Delegate

If you’re not living alone, you should be delegating! Make sure each person in your apartment in New Jersey knows what their chores are and when they need to be done. Chore charts will help kids keep track and stay organized. When it’s not all on your shoulders, you’ll feel much better and your home will be cleaner.

  • Take 15 minutes

Before you leave your apartment in New Jersey or just before you go to bed, schedule out 10 to 15 minutes to run around putting things away and wiping off counters. You’ll be shocked how much nicer your home will look after just a few minutes of quick cleaning!

Fall can be a crazy time for everyone, and cold-weather gear can add to the mess – especially by the door. With a few of these tips you can curb that mess and get some cleanliness and organization back in your rental apartment in New Jersey!