Winter isn’t exactly an ideal growing season but keeping rentals in Bergen County, NJ outfitted with live plants can make the doldrums of winter a bit more bright. However, not everyone was blessed with a green thumb and combined with the shorter days, it can spell disaster for greenery trying to thrive in your apartment. But, you’re in luck! There are a few plants that will add a much-needed bit of life to your space and you probably won’t even kill them… probably.

Spider plant

Otherwise known as Chlorophytum Comosum, this popular plant thrives in low light. It can be planted in almost anything, including a hanging basket, and is great for beginners. The spider plant is adaptable to lots of conditions and easy to grow. It also isn’t susceptible to many ailments, other than brown tips. As a plus, it’s super cute!

Lucky bamboo

Bamboo can work as part of design at rentals in Bergen County, too! Not only could it bring you luck for the new year, this versatile plant is adaptable and inexpensive. Bamboo thrives in dim conditions, so short days won’t bother it one bit.

Peace lily

This multi-functional plant not only brightens spaces with its rich, leafy greens, but also improves air quality! In addition, it’s one of the few low-light plants that produces flowers as well. It’s a powerhouse plant that you’ll probably be able to keep alive all season!

Snake plant

If none of these other options sound like a perfect fit for your black thumb, try the snake plant. This dark green charmer fits great in corners and may even thrive on neglect, so don’t be scared to try your hand at it.

Rentals in Bergen County, NJ don’t have to be drab and dull all winter even if you’re not a horticulturalist. Adding a hearty, and forgiving, plant to your space will provide some “light” at the end of winter’s tunnel.