The holidays are just around the corner and residents of apartments near Perth Amboy and all across the country are preparing to host family and friends with lots of food. But, is your refrigerator ready? It might sound like the opening to a bad joke, but organizing your fridge to accommodate an influx of delicious delicacies can save you unneeded stress during the holiday season. Here are some genius hacks that will save space and stress during holiday festivities.

A lazy Susan makes an efficient you. Some ingredients you need aren’t the most frequent fliers. So, don’t lose them in the back of the fridge and let them go bad. By using a lazy Susan, you’ll be able to easily access things that were long forgotten like the jam Gramma Jean gave you last Easter. It’s still good, right?

Freezer functionality. One of the most efficient things people at apartments near Perth Amboy and beyond can do is make space in the freezer. But how? Instituting a freezer bin policy can go a long way when it comes to organization. Organize your frozen goods into categories and put them in corresponding bins. That way, you aren’t just stacking products on top of each other and forgetting what you even have.

Label it. Not a fan of or don’t have room for freezer bins? Use grease pen to label what each level of food is in your freezer. It’s kind of like a dry-erase marker but works in cold conditions. It erases easily, so each time you use or move a product you can adjust your list.

Binder clips. Binder clips can serve a variety of purposes when organizing the fridge at your Perth Amboy apartment. Have a lot of bottles you need to keep cold? Use binder clips to create a barrier for the bottom row of the stack. Clip them onto the rungs of a shelf to corral the bottles. Have a lot of bags taking up space in your fridge or freezer? Hang them from shelf rungs with binder clips!

Eggs in a basket. Some refrigerators have an entire shelf dedicated to egg storage – but if you’re not one of the lucky few, storing your eggs can take up a lot of precious space. One way to take the eggs out of the carton and open space your shelf is to create your own egg shelf. Use a basket placed inside a door shelf for a make-shift egg holder. Not only will it save space, it’ll give your fridge a rustic feel.

The holidays are overwhelming enough. Don’t let a lack of space in your fridge be the cause for additional stress. Make a plan, organize your stuff, and, of course, clean it out before the holidays begin!