The autumn is a hectic time for families and with new school schedules and after school activities, it can leave apartments in NJ cluttered and messy. Get out in front of the problem and prevent these classic issues by implementing a new organization plan before school starts!

1. Entryway Landing Spot
Every day when your kids come home they immediately shed their shoes and school supplies and run for freedom. Sound familiar? Instead of picking up galoshes and backpacks every evening, try getting them in the habit of using a landing spot. If they have a specific hook for their backpack, a cubby for their shoes, and a coat hook that is all their own they are more likely to put their things away and save you some work.

2. Clear out the Closets
Cleaning out all clothes that don’t fit or won’t fit by the time the cool weather sets in, and doing the hand-me-down switch for younger kids will keep everyone from fumbling for clothes in the morning.

3. Study Corner
Set up an area in your home for each of your children to study and focus on their homework. A murphy desk that folds down from the wall and doesn’t take up room when it’s not being used is a great option for areas in apartments in NJ with limited space. Shower caddies make a great portable desk organizer that can be put away when not in use.

When your home is efficient and organized, your life is less stressed and runs smoother. Organize your apartments in NJ before the school year starts and reduce your stress now!