There are plenty of advantages to renting an apartment in West Windsor, NJ: your maintenance is taken care of, you don’t pay property taxes, and you’re just around the corner from work.

But let’s face it: the space isn’t the same as a three-bedroom house. Stuff piles up quickly, and your apartment in West Windsor can get cluttered. Here are some tips for a cleaner, more orderly space:

Clean regularly. Just 15 minutes of organization time per day can make a big difference.

Be ruthless. Do you really need that shirt? Is that spoon collection really accruing value?

Be methodical. Big messes can overwhelm you, so work in a circle. Start organizing in one corner and go clockwise around the room.

Make room. Devote places to mail, spare change, pens and pencils, etc. Stick to it!

Get help. Is a friend willing to pitch in? Get some pizza and put the radio on. Cleaning can be fun!

Think ahead. If you can, make furniture do double duty—buy ottomans with drawers or an entertainment center with extra storage space.

You’d be surprised what a little organization can do for your sense of space. With just a little common sense, you’ll look at your apartment in West Windsor, NJ, with fresh eyes.