You may find that the kitchen can very easily (and quickly) become one of the most cluttered rooms in your apartment. Between acquiring hand-me-down items or just simply having a product for every occasion, you may find your kitchen becoming cluttered and out of control. If you’re looking at resolutions for the new year, maybe getting your kitchen organized once and for all is at the top of your list. Come January, kitchens at apartments near Woodbridge Township will not only be in tip-top shape, but it’ll make entertaining for your next get-together will be easier and overall less stressful.

Sometimes with time, it’s easy to discover that you may have two (or more) of something. Or maybe you’re the type that simply hangs onto everything because you just “never know.” Whatever the case may be, here’s a brief list of some rule-of-thumb items that you can either toss or donate. This will help alleviate clutter and give you the permission to toss it if you didn’t have the heart!

Donate or toss these extra or duplicate items:

  1. Can openers (you only need one)
  2. Tupperware missing matches (tops or bottoms)
  3. Extra take-out items (condiment packs, plastic utensils, menus)
  4. Refrigerator clutter (advertising magnets, papers, pictures)
  5. Anything that may be chipped (if you wouldn’t let a guest use it, toss it)
  6. Aged or old rags, sponges, and brushes

A lot of the reason it’s easy to experience this clutter is because typically ALL kinds of kitchen items are stored in this room—makes sense, right? But if you have the additional storage elsewhere in your apartment, like a hallway closet or even a basement storage unit, consider keeping your once-a-year materials in these areas. It’ll help save you precious kitchen storage space!

Move these items out of the kitchen and into a different place in the home:

  1. Holiday items: turkey platter plate, gravy boat, electric knife, large roasting pans
  2. Specialty baking items: cake stands and carriers, molds, cupcake liners, pie pans
  3. Entertaining items: party platters, candles, table runners

Turning kitchens at apartments near Woodbridge Township, NJ into well-oiled, organized culinary machines can be easy. This is your year!