Renting an apartment in New Jersey has its perks.

Maintenance is taken care of. You don’t pay property taxes. Maybe the building even comes with a pool.

But there’s one drawback: space.

Apartments in NJ don’t come with an attic or basement where you can stash your stuff. An on-site storage locker is the best you can hope for, and that has its limits.

What to do?

Consolidate. Once or twice a year, make a ruthless inventory of what you need and what you don’t. Has that shirt been stylish since college? Is that rock collection really worth anything? Clean house, then look into functional furniture. Can you get your hands on a coffee table, entertainment center, or ottoman with drawers?  What about installing sliding plastic shelves to maximize closet space?

Make the most of the space you’ve got. NJ apartment living will be all the more fun!

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