You’re snug in your New Jersey apartment. You’ve got a cup of cocoa, the cat is curled up beside you, Netflix is on . . .

Then the roof blows off.

Unlikely, sure. But it’s the landlord’s problem. The rain that ruins your stuff, though? That’s on you.

Unless your have renter’s insurance, that is. The landlord and property manager have insurance that protects the fabric of your apartment in New Jersey, but it’s your responsibility to insure your belongings.

You used BestRentNJ to find a great NJ apartment. You looked at the ratings, researched the company. Things will probably be fine. But hey—you never know. Pipes break, toilets overflow. As little as 20 bucks a month can replace your computer, couch, and coin collection in case of catastrophe.

A good renter’s insurance policy can be obtained through most insurance agents. Your landlord or property manager may be able to help with questions.

A little peace of mind goes a long way!

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