Are you an art lover who also happens to rent an apartment in New Jersey? Are you looking for clever ways to display your art that don’t involve hanging it on walls? Read on, here is a solution for you that won’t leave holes in your walls.

What’s that solution? It’s called “leaning art” where you lean your artwork against the walls. Depending on the size of the piece, it could be leaned on the wall from a piece of furniture, or perhaps a shelf or a mantel piece. If it’s large enough, it can rest on the floor – and become quite a focal point for your room (not hard to do if it’s a floor-to-ceiling piece of art)

Fancy the farmhouse style of decor that’s fashionable now? Find a distressed ladder, and use that like a bookshelf to display art, as you might display family photographs – each step of the ladder its own shelf.

Now, if you really love the idea of actually hanging art on your walls, there are ways to do that without nail holes in your walls – with trouser hangers. You can use the damage-free hooks that use adhesive to stick to walls. You can purchase different hooks with strengths to hold different sizes and weights of art — including trouser hangers.

And who says that art has to be framed? Some prints can stand on their own, without a heavy frame – and all they need to hang on the wall is some washi tape, which comes in many colors and patterns to match any taste or decor.

If these don’t suit your taste, there are other ways to display art in apartments in New Jersey, depending on the art and your imagination. You’ll surely find a way you love.