Cleaning – it’s one of life’s necessities, but not something many really like to do. Part of that is the chemicals in so many of the modern cleaners — that just can’t be good for you or your North Brunswick rental. Generations past worked with much simpler items for cleaning, so why can’t you?

Just two items in your pantry can work wonders: white vinegar and baking soda. These will be the basis of most of your cleaning product recipes. And guess what? If you go to the big warehouse stores, large boxes or bottles of these staples will cost $20 combined or less! How much do you regularly pay for all the various chemical cleaners for different surfaces in your North Brunswick rental?

Other commonly used ingredients in natural cleaning products include castile soap, essential oils, vodka (yes, vodka! Buy the cheap stuff you wouldn’t drink.), hydrogen peroxide, and, of course, water.

Here are some recipes that will get you through many of your cleaning projects:

All-purpose cleaner

One part white vinegar mixed with one part water, an equal ratio. This is a great cleaner for windows, stove tops, the inside of a microwave, and any countertop that’s not made of natural stone. Vinegar-based cleaning products should never clean granite, marble, or stone. If you have that kind of countertop in your North Brunswick rental, swap the vinegar for vodka or rubbing alcohol.

Hand soap

This is a simple mixture of liquid castile soap and water. Pour the soap into your container until a fifth full, then fill the remainder of the container with water. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you’d like a scent to the soap.

Oven cleaner

For the cleaner itself, it couldn’t be simpler: vinegar (undiluted, in a spray bottle) and baking soda. But for actually cleaning the oven you need some tools: rubber gloves, steel wool, and your very own elbow grease. To clean the oven, you’ll need to remove the racks, and spray on the vinegar. Sprinkle on the baking soda, especially on any greasy spots. Sit back and watch the baking soda bubble while it goes to work cleaning your oven. Let the mixture sit for up to an hour. Come back, put on those rubber gloves, and scrub with the steel wool, using some good elbow grease. Once you wipe the gunk out, your oven will be shiny clean.

Cleanliness is part of maintaining good health, no one can argue that. But if you feel like being both clean and green, natural cleaners like these are a good way to keep your North Brunswick rental looking good while helping you feel good, too!