If you have been thinking about moving into a Hillsborough, NJ apartment for the first time, we have some helpful tips to get you on the right path.

Write it Down

First, start with a notepad, tablet, laptop, or whatever you make lists on. Make a list of everything you think you will need for your move. You might have dozens of items by the time you are done. Keep your master list on one gadget or use a whiteboard which helps you keep the list in a visually convenient, sharable spot.

Get Organized

Second, group those items by categories. Let’s start with cleaning tools—mops, rags, trash bags, and dustbins. Write any important questions on your list too. What day is garbage day? When is mail delivered? When does school start in the morning and when are children returned by bus? Add more information questions to the list.

Create a Task List

You need a task list, which of course can grow infinitely… but in terms of your apartment will mean scheduling installation of a landline (if you are having one) and any other utilities not covered in the rent. Don’t forget to put in a forwarding order at the post office.

Apartment Essentials

You will probably want items to brighten up and decorate your apartment: plants, curtains and rods, night lights, mirrors, picture hangers, and other nick knacks that make this say “home.”

You may also need some furniture. How about a desk with a drawer for office supplies? And those office supplies—just what do you need? Printer and paper? Post its? Everyone has their favorite tools for keeping things organized. Start getting yours together now.

Then there are things you might find specific to our Hillsborough apartments. Want to play or take up tennis? We have courts-do you have the shoes and racket?

Take Your List on Tour

Okay, last tip: bring your list when you come take a tour of our Hillsborough NJ apartments. Here’s why: tours instantly generate ideas for things you’ll need—and you don’t want to let them slip through the cracks.

We have three apartment communities in Hillsborough: Beekman Gardens, New Center Greens, and Sunnymeade Run. We offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. These are great communities in a wonderful city.

Don’t just think about taking a tour some day—call us now and… put Hillsborough on your list!