A good box is a good box. Think about it. You receive a delivery or buy a product with the perfectly shaped and weighted box that you can’t imagine throwing out after opening your purchase. Imagine all the uses for your new box: organization, storage, reuse for a holiday present – the possibilities are endless. But apartments in New Jersey aren’t fit to be overrun by the mountain of boxes that you’ve been hoarding. That doesn’t mean you need to throw them all out – just maybe downsize a bit to a more realistic collection.

Delivery Boxes

With nearly everyone purchasing items off the internet, delivery boxes are something that we encounter. Some delivery boxes are sturdy and perfectly shaped to be reused for either shipping something yourself or wrapping a gift. While it’s tempting to keep every box you receive in the mail – especially if in good quality – it can quickly get overwhelming. If you do want to keep a variety of shapes and sizes, break them down! You can easily tape them back together when you need them. Breaking them down will save space as you can simply stack them into a spare slot or space in a dedicated storage area.

Shoe Boxes

Some people prefer to keep shoes in the original boxes for protection and organization. If you have the space to stack shoe boxes, with actual shoes in them, then go for it! To ease in organization and being able to quickly find what you’re looking for, consider taping a picture of the shoe to the outside of the box. That way a quick scan will allow you to find the perfect pair instead of poring through a ton of boxes and disrupting the stellar organization at your apartment in New Jersey.

Electronics Boxes

Everyone has at least one box that a piece of electronic equipment came in laying around their home. What if you need to return it? What if you decide to move and you want the original packaging to keep it safe? These are valid points, but you simply can’t keep every box that every purchase you’ve ever made came in. When it comes to computers, sometimes original boxes have important information that identifies your model. In this case, you can cut the piece with the information and trash the rest of the box. Yes, it’s scary – but you’ll survive.

The perfect box is a treasure, but not all boxes are created equal. Apartments in New Jersey will thank you for letting go of those boxes and creating a little more space!