Is your roommate a furry, four-legged feline, and you’re looking to make your pet-friendly Cateret apartment  a place for you AND kitty to live in harmony? Outlined below are just a few ways to design your space that will keep Mr. Whiskers happy and entertained for all hours of the day—and night!

  1. Height is everything

One of the biggest secret staples to living in a small space is utilizing your space by STACKING and taking advantage of height since length and width may not be on your side. The same can be said when it comes to building your cat’s play furniture. As you well know, cats are all about adventure and playtime, so having a structure in your space that they can climb up and down on all day is a great way to use your space AND keep him or her entertained.

  1. Light up their life

Another commonly known fact about cats is how much they love natural light and the warmth that it provides. With that said, keep your windowsills free of décor so they can perch in these in-demand spots, and be sure to leave your blinds or curtains open as often as you can so they can feel as at home as you do!

  1. Be mindful of your greens

Something else you may have discovered along the way: cats love their houseplants! Perhaps they simply paw with the dirt or leaves, or maybe they chew at it to see if it fits their taste. Either way, pay attention to what natural life you bring into your pet-friendly Cateret apartment. Some plants might be poisonous or simply create a large mess. Avoid any kind of emergencies by doing your research first.

  1. Give Frisky their own space

Just like us, cats like their privacy and seclusion from time to time. And if you’re familiar with cats, you’ll know that they can hide out pretty much anywhere (under the bed, in boxes, even in baskets), so grant your kitty his or her own space for them to get their alone time. You’ll both be happy!

Ultimately, home is where your family is, so no matter what you do, Mr. Whiskers will be happy in your pet-friendly Cateret apartment—as long as you’re there!